DMCS - Services for Vendors


The Directors, associates and partners of DMCS bring decades of experience to enterprise data management challenges which data and EDM solution vendors are seeking to deliver solutions to. We can provide our practitioner-led expertise in the following areas:


Product/Service Evaluation including SWOT analysis

DMCS can offer a unique perspective – having been both buyers and sellers of EDM products and services, as well as market and reference data! We can help ensure that the sales message is appropriate and value-add, aimed at the right target audience. Our evaluations typically take place in an interactive workshop setting, with pre-agreed deliverables.

Product/Service strategy & roadmap

DMCS have the experience of mutli-year usage of products and services in the data management space so can enable vendors to shape their strategy and roadmap in a clear and realistic way.

We have succesfully helped firms with client & market surveys to ensure their products are meeting their clients' needs.  We have also assisted with strategic reviews to identify acquisition targets and partner opportunities.

Product Launch and Early Adopter Programmes

DMCS have extensive experience of conducting Early Adopter Programmes (EAP), participating on the user side as well as the sales side. EAP programmes, if properly run, can provide invaluable input on commercial models, functionality and capabilities.

Assistance with RFI/RFP response management

Over the years, DMCS have sadly been the recipient of many a vendor RFI or RFP response where the vendor pitched the product or service that they currently had, irrespective of the stated requirements of the buyer. We can help ensure that a relevant and appropriate RFI/RFP response is provided, together with roadmap information if certain capabilities are still to be developed.

Facilitation of User Group activities

Successful User Group engagements can provide invaluable product and service feedback for vendors, as well as providing a great networking opportunity for firms to share use case information to ensure that the products and services are used to their full capabilities. DMCS have extensive experience in running User Groups and networking forums, including facilitation of suitable speakers for events and provision of case study experience sharing.

Managed Services, Shared Services & Utilities

There is a growing trend in the market currently towards managed service, shared service or utility offerings and DMCS are very well positioned to be able to help vendors to undertake successful managed service ‘lift-outs’ for firms as well as implement hybrid service models. This assistance can include SLA enhancement, senior level client engagement and workshop facilitation at different levels. We can also assist firms to understand the steps necessary in moving from a ‘software site installed’ model to a multi-tenant managed service model or cloud offering.

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