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The Directors, associates and partners of DMCS bring decades of experience to complicated enterprise data management challenges which are being faced by firms today. We can provide our practitioner-led expertise in the following areas:

Data Strategy & Target Operating Model definition through to implementation

DMCS offers in-depth expertise across both market and reference data so can provide a true enterprise data strategy. We can help you to define your strategy, set relevant and achievable objectives and continuously deliver against these objectives, whilst ultimately achieving your target state using tried and tested methods and industry best practices.

We can also help with operational efficiency and cost optimisation, having undertaken projects with large clients on quality assuring data received back from an industry utility as well as helping a large buy-side firm with reviewing evaluated pricing & providing best practice advice with pricing policies.

Business Case Development & Syndication

Most data management programmes struggle to attract and maintain investment funding – why invest when there is no competitive advantage or revenue generating opportunities? DMCS can help you to build a robust and compelling business case, defining real business benefits and outcomes to successfully attract and retain sponsorship and investment funding. We can also assist with selling the message successfully to your business, identifying quick wins, together with tips on tracking the benefits.

Data Quality Policy & Principles

The industry agrees that data quality should be measured using these 7 key data dimensions: completeness, coverage, conformity, consistency, accuracy, duplication and timeliness. Extensive experience tells us that if you can measure it, you can manage it, but managing the quality of data through the whole supply chain is complex and requires buy-in from every link in the chain. DMCS can give you valuable insight into how to measure data using these dimensions, advice on available tooling and help with setting achievable targets, providing dashboard metrics and realising significant business benefit.

Data Governance

Data Governance continues to be an essential requirement of a well run data management function, but succesful implementation is proving hard to achieve.  We can help you to shape your Data Governance framework, aligning to industry best practice, and advise you on how to maintain effective communications and efficient operational performance.

We have experience in defining data governance and RACI models, as well as business glossary & data dictionary implementation.

Vendor management, including vendor strategy & cost optimisation

External reference data spend typically makes up at least 20% of the total cost of ownership for data, whilst real-time market data costs continue to be a high focus area. DMCS can help you to identify significant savings and implement an effective vendor data management strategy to keep costs under control, whilst still receiving relevant and high quality data.

Data Cost Optimisation, Audit & Compliance

Data costs continue to be a high cost item for firms, who are additionally struggling to identify what data is being used where – particularly in spreadsheets and applications. DMCS can undertake a data cost optimisation programme, with tried and tested methodology and tools, enabling firms to achieve not only cost savings but ongoing policies and procedures to keep data costs optimised on an ongoing basis.

In addition we can assist with ensuring you have full oversight of data usage, together with policies to manage audit and compliance.

Product evaluation including RFI/RFP management through to selection

DMCS are able to assist with many years practical experience of defining and running both RFI & RFP selection processes. Not only do we know what products, solutions & services are available in the market, we are also able to ensure that your organisation clearly defines exactly what it requires, together with future-proofed flexibility to cope with any required changes.

Utilities/Outsourcing/Managed Services

The whole landscape of utilties and managed service is changing significantly with several firms now offering utility services.  How can your firm best engage - what services is it best to keep inhouse vs external?  How can you best manage the balance of cost and risk?

DMCS have experience of managing the many different models, both internal sourincg and external.  We have knowledge and relationships with many of the service providers (including the new utility service providers) and we can help you to choose a sourcing strategy and operating model that is right for your organisation.  We also have experience of implementing an appropriate QA framework to ensure you receive the right quality data from your utility or service partner.

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