Good quality enterprise data is the lifeblood of the financial services industry. Effective data management continues to be of critical importance to all firms.  There is strong pressure from the regulators to ensure that the industry is driving towards best practice and standardisation, with BCBS 239 providing a great framework.  Our practical experience can help your firm in all areas to do with data management.

→ Banks & Institutions

With our deep practitioner knowledge & expertise, we can help you to implement a truly effective data management capability; whether you need help with strategy, data governance, data quality, data profiling, vendor management and cost optimisation or any other pressing issue.

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→ Vendors

With our unique experience of both buying and selling services and solutions, we can help your firm to make sure that your solution meets the needs of the industry.  We can provide bespoke research activities, tailored workshops and also improve your customer service by facilitating user groups and forums.

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DMCS offers a wide range of consultancy and specialist services. Take a look at our services overview to see how we can help your business.